We make beautiful web applications.

Grow faster and effectively on the web with rich web applications that produce results.

Modern design and development.

Farax Mobile develops high quality web applications, with modern design and feature implementations such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This ensures that each web applications is suited for today's digital world - being mobile friendly and functioning exceptionally well accross multiple platforms.

Search engine optimised with advanced analytics tools.

We add all the right meta-tags to produce a web application with high search engine ranking and advanced tools. This services enables you to see real-time user behaviour in detail so you can make better organisational decisions.

Consistent user experience accross multiple devices.

Websites and applications are built to be adaptive on all screens, such iPhones, iPads and large desktop screens. This will maintain a high User Experience (UX) and seamless interaction accross all range of devices.

Social Media Integration.

Create more user engagement and keep your audience interested. Connect your social media networks and your website together to allow instant sharing of information accross multiple social networks and other sites. So your audience can stay informed all the time.

Efficient and faster applications.

Applications that load fast are proven to produce higher conversion rates. High definition images are optimised, and files enconded to produce a highly efficient web application - even on mobile devices with low bandwith.

Standards Compliant

All the features work everywhere - that's because we use W3C standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 to get the latest technology but as well as ensuring high support accross many devices - so your application always functions.

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